Sanofi Expects Limited Negative Forex Impact On Q4 2016 Sales

Sanofi, the global drug and healthcare giant, said it expects limited negative impact on reported Q4 sales from foreign currency fluctuations.

Among other items “to assist in the financial modeling of the company’s Q4 2016 results,” Sanofi also reported that the previously announced separation of the Sanofi Pasteur and [Merck’s (MRK)] MSD vaccine joint-venture will not have an impact on business EPS in 2016 and that Sanofi will start to fully consolidate its European vaccines business in Q1 2017.

Sanofi also noted that on Oct. 28, 2015, it announced a voluntary recall for AuviQ and Allerject in the U.S. and Canada. In Q4 2015, the negative impact of the recall on sales was EUR122 million ($131 million) which corresponded mainly to the reversal of sales of the product since the beginning of 2015.

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