Kareem Hunt caught on video in confrontation with woman

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A recent video obtained by TMZ Sports has surfaced from an incident involving Kareem Hunt that occurred last February.

The clip, which came from an OH hotel hallway camera, was published by TMZ on Friday afternoon.

That video, published by TMZ Sports, reflected an incident that had been publicized months ago, and calls into question why the National Football League, which reportedly has an in-house judicial process to investigate such matters, did not obtain the surveillance video from the hotel. The team hasn't issued a statement about the matter, and it's not clear if Hunt will play on in the Chiefs' next game against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday. The NFL's investigation, which began immediately following the incident in February, will include a review of the new information that was made public today. A different witness told police that she called Hunt the N-word after being asked to leave his room.

The group also claimed the woman struck one of Hunt's female friends, leading to the altercation.

Towards the end of the video Hunt could be seen shoving someone into one of the women, who fell and hit her head.

Abigail Ottinger, of Middleburg Heights, Ohio, told police that Hunt assaulted her at around 3:45 a.m.in The Metropolitan hotel in Cleveland, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Hunt spoke of this incident at training camp in August, along with another incident in which he was accused of punching a man.

In it, you see Hunt and the woman approach one another. For now, it's likely a time for fact gathering before any further action will be taken-such as potential fine and suspension of Hunt.

Police were called in the aftermath of the incident; Hunt was not arrested and charges were not filed. Afterward, she and a friend were kicked out of Hunt's apartment. "Just be in the right place at the right time".

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