Watch Trump and Obama face off

President Donald Trump speaks during a rally in Estero Fla. Wednesday Oct. 31 2018

President Donald Trump speaks during a rally in Estero Fla. Wednesday Oct. 31 2018

The president himself held two campaign rallies in support of DeSantis in the last week, including a Saturday night event in Pensacola.

As the president's rallies have thrown the spotlight on his overwhelmingly white support base, on the Democratic side rising African-American stars have pulled in heavyweight support from the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama, who was stumping for Florida's Andrew Gillum on Friday. "I've never had a call from Senator Bill Nelson saying, 'can you help me'". Gillum - a darling of progressives who has run on a Bernie Sandersesque platform of "Medicare for all" - hasn't hesitated to fire back directly at the president. So he's not gonna work for people who had it handed to them.

According to Silver's FiveThirtyEight, Republicans now have a 4 in 5 chance (81%; down by over 4% in just the last few days) of maintaining control of the Senate, giving the Democrats just a 1 in 5 chance (19%) of taking over. And although he did not mention President Donald Trump by name, Obama blamed the current administration and Republicans for splitting the country apart. The calls, which came from the same neo-Nazi group that previously attacked Gillum in Florida, were denounced by Kemp as "absolutely disgusting".

"What we have not seen is politicians just blatantly, repeatedly, baldly, shamelessly lying - just making stuff up", Obama said in Miami.

"I think if Republicans vote and vote in big numbers on Tuesday, we will win all of these races", he said at a rally outside the Freedom Pharmacy on the east side of Orlando.

Knight, the former coach of the Indiana Hoosiers, embraced Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, often appearing with the future president at rallies in the state.

"You can vote for a politics that is decent, for a politics that is honest, for a politics that is lawful, for a politics that tries to do right by people", Obama said at a rally in Georgia for Stacey Abrams.

Chris King, the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, and Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis both stopped in Pinellas County.

With 99% of the vote tallied, MSNBC imagined that Gillum had secured 49.4% of the vote over Republican Ron DeSantis's 48.8%.

"You know what, it's an old playbook", Obama said after another protester interrupted him. "If he can't keep the city of Tallahassee safe, he can't keep the citizens of the state of Florida safe".

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