The Pixel 2 Just Got One of Pixel 3's Best Features

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Google is rolling out its highly-anticipated Night Sight feature to Pixel smartphones

If you own a first or second generation Pixel there is nothing to worry about because Google has promised that Night Sight will roll out to the older handsets as well.

A handy lux table by Google.

Night Sight may be unbelievable when it comes to taking low-light pictures but it is not magic, so you'll still have to abide by the normal rules when taking pictures in dark environments.

Currently, Night Sight works best on stationary subject, the camera itself needs to be kept fairly still.

Tech reviewer Marques Brownlee has been testing Night Sight. Google says your autofocus will start to fail around 0.3 lux, which is dark enough that your eyes can't resolve small objects nearby.

Google Rolls Out Night Sight Tech to Improve Quality of Low-Light Photos

Google has released the November security updates for its Pixel range last week, with a change to how Night Mode and Battery Saver interact. You can enter "Night Sight" by tapping this suggestion or manually navigating to the mode. This time at a local bar, while both photos look pretty good zoomed out, you can still see things like the overly yellow colour cast often produced by Samsung cameras in low light.

Night Sight makes it possible to take low-light pictures without having to use flash, or even a tripod for that matter.

Other people are taking to social media to share comparison photos as well.

Night Sight is exactly what the Pixel 3 needed to really round out its photo toolkit. I am well impressed! Sadly, Night Sight has remained unavailable for reviewers to test for themselves.

Google night sight is legit! Night Sight off vs Night Sight on. But with Night Sight, the Pixel camera is able to intelligently make those dark, grainy, and crappy photos less dark, grainy, and crappy.

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