Republican Kevin McCarthy to become next House minority leader

Women make history in 2018 midterms

House Democrats prepare to unload flurry of Trump investigations

Overall, just two Republican women were defeated by Bloomberg-backed candidates and both were replaced by Democratic women.

In a press conference Wednesday morning, McConnell vowed to work across the aisle with the Democrat-controlled House. "But let me be very clear, if their agenda is simply investigations, impeachment, and not focused on the hardworking American public, we will be there to defend the American public", McCarthy said.

Republican leader Kevin McCarthy is blaming billionaire Michael Bloomberg for reducing the number of Republican women in the House.

While McCarthy provides an affable face for the GOP, Jordan, the former OH wrestling champ and a Fox News regular, will be fighting Democrats' investigations into Trump's businesses and administration.

The number of Republican women elected to the House plummeted from 23 to 13 after the election.

Pelosi as House Speaker again?

Kevin McCarthy and the Republican establishment are much more anxious about looking good to their friends at the country club than they are fighting for conservative principles and building a movement - especially when the immediate chances of winning are slim. McCarthy acknowledged Republicans "took a beating" in suburban areas and need a better strategy to win them back.

The Democratic caucus will vote on November 28 to decide who will lead the House and its various committees, including most notably the House Health, Energy, and Commerce Committee.

Acknowledging the lack of Midwestern representation from Democrats, Bustos told INSIDER, "I think it's critical that we send a message to Democrats all over this country that we're not leaving behind any group, any region, that rural America can be represented in our leadership".

As minority leader, McCarthy will become the most visible face of opposition to the incoming Democratic majority.

In the House, Speaker Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin is retiring, so Mr. McCarthy will ascend to the top Republican spot as minority leader.

Senators of both parties also had their leadership elections Wednesday morning, but there were no major changes. Ernst called her selection "a great honor".

The race wasn't without a fight. Deb Fischer in closed-door voting.

Republicans haven't had a woman in their leadership ranks in almost a decade, since Alaska Sen. After losing the Republican primary, she left the post.

That's because a sixth person, Florida Gov. Rick Scott, stood beside them even though his U.S. Senate race against Democrat Bill Nelson is in the middle of a recount filled with lawsuits and unfounded accusations of voter fraud.

"President Trump and Governor Scott have just lied", Schumer said. "They've said there's fraud when their own Republican officials in Florida have said there's no fraud".

As the recount continues and both Scott and Nelson file lawsuits nearly hourly, both U.S. Senate hopefuls have one thing in common-neither are answering questions from reporters.

President Donald Trump promptly reacted to the decision, likely to drag on the highly-polarized race, by tweeting that some - the Democrats, apparently - have been "trying to STEAL two big elections in Florida!".

Sen. Dick Durbin of IL was re-elected as minority whip, the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate. Sen. Debbie Dingell of MI and Matt Cartwright of Pennsylvania - are running for spots on the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee.

He won a new term by acclamation Wednesday. South Dakota Sen. John Thune will take his place. John Barrasso of Wyoming and Sen. It would be one of the higher points of political irony if Pelosi held onto leadership through four straight losses and lost it after finally winning for the first time in a decade. Joni Ernst of Iowa.

McCarthy, elected to Congress in 2006, quickly moved up within the party, most recently holding the majority leader position. House Democrats desperately need fresh leadership, but first they need someone to actually step up and lead. Scott's lead over Nelson will thus require a hand recount of ballots from tabulation machines.

Pelosi has repeatedly said she's confident she'll retake the Speaker's gavel in January. The Washington Post surveyed the field of incoming and returning Democrats, and JM Rieger thinks Pelosi should be anxious if politicians stick to their campaign promises.

But Mrs. Pelosi has plenty of supporters who say Democrats owe much of their success to her. Trump has stayed largely on the sidelines ahead of elections that will determine party leadership.

The House Democratic Caucus has scheduled the vote for speaker and other top leadership posts for the end of this month.

Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise was elected minority whip; he has held the position in the majority. "I think it would be irresponsible of us to put the same people in leadership that put us in the minority", he said.

The leadership election comes as incoming freshmen lawmakers are in town for orientation.

The race for minority leader is McCarthy's to lose Wednesday.

The California Republican has leveraged his alliance with Trump to his advantage on Capitol Hill, where the president looms large over the House GOP conference.

Of the eleven limited government constitutional conservative candidates that the Freedom Caucus targeted and that Jordan, Rep. Mark Meadows and the other Freedom Caucus members campaigned for, all eleven won.

The goal of the Pelosi critics is to force her out of the speaker's race by convincing her she does not have the votes to win.

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