O'Rourke optimistic while casting ballot; Cruz confident after voting early

Getty Images  Carla Speigh  Tom Reel-Pool

Getty Images Carla Speigh Tom Reel-Pool

Ted Cruz's seat in the Texas Senate. He and President Trump routinely sparred, and Cruz famously did not endorse the president during his nominating convention. He doesn't quite pull off a full interview this time either, but he does get the chance to briefly come come face-to-fur with Cruz as he works his way through the crowd at a rally, and boy is it ever worth the effort.

"This was an election about hope and about the future, and the people of Texas rendered a verdict that we want a future with more jobs and more security and more freedom", Cruz told supporters after defeating O'Rourke. Without giving them all away, here are the seven sickest burns Triumph lands on Ted Cruz.

'Does it concern you that half your base thinks they can vote through Instagram?', Triumph asks, drawing a laugh out of the Democrat. Triumph asks that same Cruz supporter.

O'Rourke had reminded voters of Cruz's original Trump moniker - "Lyin' Ted" - when the candidates last faced off against each other in late October.

Cruz has highlighted his record and run a steady campaign characterizing O'Rourke as out of touch with Texas' conservative values. "Because he's a disgusting fish monster!" "I support spaying and neutering, just like Trump did to you", Triumph quickly shot back, adding his trademark catchphrase, "I kid!" Preaching optimism and bipartisanship, he also refused to soften a liberal agenda that included calling for impeaching President Donald Trump, decriminalizing marijuana, implementing universal health care and gun control and relaxing federal immigration policies. I'm not overwhelming scientific evidence of global warming!" and "Ted, quick question! It's wild that these people are laughing along and agreeing with Triumph, yet are STILL voting for Cruz.

Finally, Triumph got to harass Cruz up close, and Cruz tried to own the dog.

Triumph handed out stickers to early voters that read: "I'm Pretty Sure I Voted" and "Just Light Enough To Vote".

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