How Michelle and Obama met

Barrack Obama and Michelle Obama during their her visit to Kenya

Barrack Obama and Michelle Obama during their her visit to Kenya

It's exactly what she did during Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday, finally divulging the things that went unspoken in the White House, and boy, she's a good sport. What, were you expecting her to reveal national security secrets, or something?

Michelle Obama-former First Lady, forever icon, and Melania Trump's speechwriter-has been liberated from the confines of the office and can say anything she damn wants.

Anywhoo, since Obama is no longer First Lady, Kimmel thought it'd be a laff and a half to prepare a couple of cheeky phrases for Obama to read out on television.

As she shared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and in her new memoir Becoming, Obama was watching the coverage and realized she needed to do more to truly experience the historic moment. Have you ever heard anything more shocking?

She experienced her disappointment right from the airport as Barack's sister, Auma Obama, had quite a dilapidated vehicle.

"I'm so angry at Barack", she wrote in her journal.

Kimmel: "I knew it, I knew it". "I don't think we have anything in common", she continued.

The former First Lady also dished on her celebrity text buddies, how her and Barack are boring now they're unemployed, and whether her daughters, Sasha and Malia, would run for President one day. "From when we had a United States?". "They get so mad every time I mix their names up". "As far as I'm concerned, you can really cut loose and say anything now", Kimmel said, and thus began what turned out to be a slightly modified game of "Two Truths and a Lie"-call it "Two Truths and a Whole Bunch of Lies".

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