Google finds Night Mode really helps battery endurance

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The reason behind this is that a dark smartphone screen has need of far lesser number of pixels and this enhances the battery life.

In one piece of data, Google showed how dark mode can use 43% less power at full brightness than "normal mode" in the YouTube app, which uses a lot of white.

Darker colours tend to draw the least amount of power on most smartphones with OLED panels. In the Dark Mode, the battery consumption was reduced to 63 percent on the Pixel to 92mA. Another chart shows that a 2016 Pixel, with the screen at at maximum brightness, consumes approximately 330mA of power compared to approximately 60mA of power with the display set at maximum black. That might change in the coming days as more Google apps will likely start offering dark theme options. The company acknowledged that white is "less than ideal".

Right now, the in-app update API is being tested through the Android Google Chrome app and with select partnered developers, but Google plans to expand that early access program in the near future.

Obviously, more brightness means quicker power draw. Thankfully, dark modes can alleviate the problem and lead to better battery life, and Google wants more devs to add one to their apps. Even if you're not a fan of Dark Mode, it's an effective way of keeping your OLED phone working longer.

New features for the Android App Bundle tool have been announced at today's Android Dev Summit. YouTube already has a dark mode, and so does Messages. As well as more closely resembling other Google apps, the redesigned Files by Google has a look that is cleaner and more modern. Switch to dark mode on the micro-blogging platform by going into Settings and Privacy Display and sound Turn on Night Mode. To address this, we're launching an In-app Updates API. From a list of options, select the black theme or any darker shade to suit your preference. According to Google, it saves battery life. One hopes that the transparency of its reporting will extend more fulsomely to China in the future, since almost 1 in 5 people on Earth call it home.

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