Georgia Democratic Party Being Investigated for 'Cyber Crimes'



I just want to say, Jesus don't like ugly", Oprah said in an Instagram video captioned, "The antidote to Hate... Trump made no mention of the issue at the rally and earlier, as he left the White House for Georgia, said he didn't know anything about it.

Trump's reputation is on the line with Republicans Brian Kemp, 55, in Georgia and Ron DeSantis, 40, in Florida after his endorsement helped them clinch their party's nominations.

Democrats responded to the announcement by calling it "a reckless and unethical ploy", saying Kemp was trying to gain an edge in his neck-and-neck race with Abrams.

Abrams' opponent Brian Kemp denounced the robo-calls as "vile".

Kemp, who oversees elections as Georgia's secretary of state, vehemently denies charges that he's used his office to make it harder for minorities to vote. The all-caps headline says: "AFTER FAILED HACKING ATTEMPT, SOS LAUNCHES INVESTIGATION INTO GEORGIA DEMOCRATIC PARTY".

The plaintiffs cited Kemp's recent press release accusing Democrats of hacking the state's voter registration system as evidence of his "bias".

But Levin said an accusation of tampering with a voter registration system as unverified as Kemp's does a disservice to legitimate efforts to bolster election cybersecurity, which has been a top concern for many states' election officials since 2016, when agents of the Russian government attempted to penetrate the voter files in at least 21 states. "She should stand against and condemn their attempts to intimidate hardworking Georgia voters just days before the election". Trump and Kemp both support that and I believe that they should be here rather than liberal politicians.

Speaking of issues, a win by Kemp will tell Georgia's traditionally Chamber of Commerce Republican Party to leave their suits and ties at home for the next election.

And in our Washington office, activists hit the phones to organize PFAW volunteers for canvasses to get out every single Abrams voter on-or before-Election Day. A representative for the Department of Homeland Security confirmed the agency had been notified, but it deferred to Georgia officials for details. As Secretary of State, Kemp has backed strict ID requirements. And in the lead-up to Election Day, Kemp's office leveled a vague accusation of "potential cyber crimes" at Georgia Democrats.

Kemp's dual roles as Secretary of State and candidate, a massive conflict of interest, have allowed him to engage "in acts of voter suppression aimed to decrease the turnout for" Abrams, Richard L. Hasen writes at Slate. The AP also reported that through a process Kemp calls "voter roll maintenance", his office has "cancelled over 1.4 million voter registrations since 2012" and that "nearly 670,000 registrations were cancelled in 2017 alone".

Election night in Georgia will also tell us about the power, or lack thereof, of several voting groups in statewide elections - none more so than suburban women.

In a blow to Kemp, a federal judge ruled Friday that Georgia must ease its "exact match" demands.

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