Florida Governor's Race Poised for Mandatory Recount

Misfire’ MSNBC Airs Fake Graphic Showing Andrew Gillum Winning Florida Vote			Screenshots MSNBC Arr BNN		6 Nov 2018

Misfire’ MSNBC Airs Fake Graphic Showing Andrew Gillum Winning Florida Vote Screenshots MSNBC Arr BNN 6 Nov 2018

Bill Nelson and Rick Scott; and the race for Florida Agricultural Commissioner, where democratic contender Nikki Fried jumped ahead of her Republican opponent Matt Caldwell for the first time by 575 votes.

"What Bill Nelson is saying is just a desperate attempt by a career politician trying to hold on to power", Ingoglia, a member of the Florida House of Representatives, told Kate Bouldan on CNN.

"I think it's fair to say right now the results of the 2018 Senate election are unknown, and [media] and elections officials should treat it as such", Elias said, adding anyone who cast a provisional ballot should confirm their votes with their county elections office.

AP on Tuesday called the election for Republican Ron DeSantis over Democrat Andrew Gillum. It is AP policy not to call a race that is facing a recount.

- Democrat Andrew Gillum's campaign said Thursday that it's prepared for a possible recount in the Florida governor's race that he conceded to Republican Ron DeSantis on Tuesday night.

If the threshold after this second round of returns drops below 0.25 percent, however, then the state can order a manual recount for federal and state races.

Officials in Broward and Palm Beach counties still were counting ballots Thursday morning, The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports. A hand recount of ballots, longer and more thorough than a machine recount, is triggered if the margin falls below 0.25 points. When those machine recounts indicate the margin is less than a quarter of 1 percent, it automatically triggers a manual recount.

The statement provided no information on the size or location of these "uncounted ballots", but they echoed claims made Thursday morning in a conference call the Nelson campaign arranged with Marc Elias, an election lawyer with the powerhouse Democratic firm of Perkins Coie.

In Arizona, another tight senate race has yet to conclude - and the state's Republican party is now suing over how some counties handle mail-in ballots, USA media report. "Nelson will be declared the victor and will be returned to the Senate", Mr. Elias said.

The Florida senate campaigns were one of the most expensive this election season, with over $96m (£73m) spent in total.

"It is sad and embarrassing that Bill Nelson would resort to these low tactics after the voters have clearly spoken", said a statement from the Scott campaign Wednesday.

"It's important every voter who cast a ballot has it counted and counted accurately", Elias said.

The official notice for a recount in either race would come from Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner, a Scott appointee.

In the Senate race, under votes are ballots in which optical-scanning machines counted a vote for a down-ballot race such as governor or attorney general but not for senator. An overvote means the voter picked more choices than allowed on their ballot. After its 2000 debacle, the state shifted to electronic voting machines, but later changed again to optical-scan paper ballots, the most reliable technology.

Candidates cannot request recounts, although those with fewer votes can refuse them.

In the Senate race, Nelson trailed Scott by about 17,000 votes, a margin of 0.22 points.

"On Tuesday night, the Gillum for Governor campaign operated with the best information available about the number of outstanding ballots left to count", Gillum campaign communication director Johanna Cervone said.

DeSantis, for his part, has already announced his transition team.

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