Decide orders Georgia to clear means for brand new residents to vote

Oprah Winfrey makes rare campaign appearance for Stacey Abrams

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"I have this to say to you, black people with ancestors who never had the chance", Oprah said at the event.

This was Winfrey's first foray into midterm politics this year, after largely sitting out the 2016 presidential campaign. "You are dishonoring your family", Winfrey said. Abrams and Kemp are virtually tied, according to recent polling.

With early and absentee voting underway ahead of the November 6 election, Democrats and voting rights groups in Georgia are staging massive voter protection operations, including poll monitors and voter assistance hotlines, to ensure people can access the ballot.

Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia) knows how to have a good time.

Though he's not on the ground in Georgia, Avengers actor Mark Ruffalo also lent his support to Abrams on social media. "Make things better here in Georgia", the nation's first black president said of Abrams' bid to become the first black female governor in American history.

The ruling from U.S. District Judge Eleanor Ross is a "minor change" to the current system, said Candice Broce, a spokeswoman for Kemp, in a statement.

The issue of voter suppression has been central to the governor's race in Georgia where Republican candidate Brian Kemp serves as secretary of state, the office that oversees the voter rolls.

In her remarks at Thursday's town hall with Abrams, Winfrey told the crowd that she is a registered independent, "because I don't want any party and I don't want any kind of partisan influence telling me what decisions I get to make for myself".

Someone out front, meanwhile, was wearing a giant chicken suit and holding a sign that read "too chicken to debate", an allusion to Kemp withdrawing from a debate scheduled on Sunday in favor of appearing in Macon with Trump. And guess what: "You've got to vote early, volunteer hard and let's get it done for Stacey Abrams", he said in a video.

Kemp's campaign called the incidents "fake" and blamed Abrams.

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