‘Brittle and unclear’: European papers deliver their verdict on the Brexit deal

Sammy Wilson is well known for his robust and outspoken approach

Sammy Wilson is well known for his robust and outspoken approach

The threat of a no-deal reared its head this morning after Brexit secretary Dominic Raab dramatically resigned after the Prime Minister pushed her draft withdrawal agreement through cabinet last night.

"I can not in good conscience support the terms proposed for our deal with the EU", Dominic Raab said on Thursday morning indicating that there is an ongoing dispute within the UK Cabinet about the Brexit deal.

Ms May was preparing to start selling her Brexit deal to parliament, boosted by news that Europe is preparing a rapid summit to sign off on the agreement.

British Prime Minister Theresa May battled to save her draft Brexit deal Thursday.

EU President Donald Tusk on Thursday confirmed the bloc would hold a special summit to seal the hard-fought Brexit agreement with Britain on November 25.

Speaking in Brussels, Mr Tusk said European Union member states would have until Tuesday next week to examine the deal and to agree the wording of a parallel political statement setting out goals for the bloc's future relations with London.

In his resignation letter, Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab said that May's plan threatened the integrity of the UK.

"The choice before us is clear: this deal which delivers on the vote of the referendum. or leave with no deal or no Brexit at all", she said.

"I believe with every fibre of my being that the course I have set out is the right one for our country and all our people", she said.

"Theresa May has no authority left and is clearly incapable of delivering a Brexit deal that commands even the support of her cabinet - let alone parliament and the people of our country". "I can not support the proposed deal".

"The government simply can not put to parliament this half-baked deal that both the Brexit secretary and his predecessor have rejected".

Whilst many internal rivals would be ambitious enough to replace her in an internal Conservative party leadership contest, whoever became prime minister would still have to deal with the ongoing Brexit negotiations - with only four months left until the United Kingdom leaves the EU.

Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the opposition Labor Party, said May was offering a "false choice between no deal and this deal", which he said "represents a huge and damaging failure". May can be toppled if 158 of her 315 lawmakers vote against her. "Just as I do, I'm sorry that they've chosen to leave the government and I thank them for their service", she said.

A still image from video footage shows Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May speaking about Brexit, in the House of Commons, in London, Britain, Nov. 15, 2018.

"This is, at its heart, a matter of public trust". That prompted a big fall in the value of the pound, which was trading 1.3 percent lower at $1.2829.

A leaked diplomatic note obtained by The Times suggested that Sabine Weyand - deputy to European Union chief negotiator Michel Barnier - told ambassadors the United Kingdom "would have to swallow a link between access to products and fisheries in future agreements" and it also indicated that close customs alignment should remain indefinitely.

Yet if the British Parliament rejects Mrs May's compromise soft Brexit proposal, there is no certainty that the "remain" cause would triumph.

"We are ready to lead", said Corbyn.

"It is yet to be agreed by the UK Government and they will discuss it this afternoon, and it is yet to be agreed by the European Council, and we may be in a position to have an emergency European Council meeting before the end of the month to do exactly that", he said.

One former Cabinet minister was even told on Thursday by a ministerial aide that the so-called "backstop" element of the deal, a complex means of avoiding hard border between the province and Ireland, could be refined to meet worries of the DUP and Tory MPs.

A no-deal would see existing regulations vanish, and with no more free trade with the European Union, goods flowing in and out of Britain would need to be tracked.

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