Xbox One October update adds new Avatars, Alexa controls, Dolby Vision HDR

Xbox One Update Brings Amazon Alexa Integration, Next-Gen Avatars, Dolby Vision

Xbox One October System Software Update Rolling Out; Brings New Avatars and More

Microsoft's Xbox One console is getting its own October 2018 update today.

So, just what exactly can your new Alexa-compatible Xbox One do?

The hotly-anticipated new Xbox Avatars are coming to the system with a wide range of different body types, clothing, and accessibility options that will allow players to customize their Avatars to their liking. They will appear in an animated form on the home screen, activity feed posts, profiles, and a bunch of other places.

Those who prefer to use their old Avatar and still do so, but if they switch over, they will find all the content from still available via the Xbox Original Avatars app. This Xbox One S bundle packages the Xbox One S console with a Sandstone version of the Amazon Echo Dot.

You can take a quick look at the new avatars and the Dolby Vision option in the gallery below.

Amazon will soon offer a package deal for USA purchases of qualified Xbox One X and Xbox One S bundles that also includes an Echo Dot. The new Xbox Avatar Editor also enables you to compare and choose which version of the Xbox Avatar best represents how you want to be seen on Xbox Live. Dolby Vision on Netflix with a premium subscription will be supported at launch with more Dolby Vision apps adding support in the coming months.

Other additions include the Xbox Skill voice navigation system for U.S. users, Dolby Vision HDR streaming support for Xbox One S and Xbox One X, and new language options for the Xbox Narrator. To enable Dolby Vision on the console, navigate to Settings - Display and sound - Video output - Video modes - Allow Dolby Vision. There's an Australian version of English coming for Narrator as well, eliminating the need for Australian gamers to select U.S. or UK English to utilize the app. Don't have one? Don't even have an Xbox One? Whatever the case, many Xbox One bundles already come with free games, like the National Basketball Association 2K19 bundle pictured above, so you're getting multiple freebies as part of this deal. Until then, enjoy the October Update and happy gaming!

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