Winning numbers drawn for $1.6 billion Mega Millions jackpot

FEELIN’ LUCKY Theresa and Jackie Terry of South Boston with their tickets purchased at 6-Twelve. Boston Herald

Mega Millions Results: Winning Numbers Announced For $1.6 Billion Jackpot

Information at the lottery's website shows that one ticket sold in Florida is worth $3 million while three others are worth $1 million.

The six winning numbers drawn on Tuesday night were 5, 28, 62, 65, 70 and 5 again as the special Mega Ball.

Anyone who hits all six numbers to win the jackpot can choose an immediate cash payment of US$904 million or receive the US$1.6 billion prize over 29 years.

The jackpot's cash value was $878 million, an option favored by most winners. Mega Millions reports 36 second prize tickets were sold, which matched every ball except the Mega Ball. That game itself now has a monster jackpot, though a small one relative to Mega Millions: Powerball stands at $620 million ahead of Wednesday's drawing.

People entering the KC Mart in Simpsonville, S.C., on October 24, 2018, after it was announced the winning Mega Millions lottery ticket was purchased at the store.

One was sold at a Circle K on Harrison Avenue in Cary.

The jackpot had been rolling since July 24, when a California office pool of 11 co-workers shared a $543 million prize.

So who won the jackpot in SC? If no victor is selected in Tuesday's drawing, the jackpot will increase to $2 billion for Friday's drawing.

Odds of winning the prize were 1 in 302 million. The previous record was a $1.586bn jackpot for a Powerball draw in 2016.

Mega Millions tickets are $2 and are sold in 44 states, Washington, D.C., and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

In South Carolina, Mega Millions winners have 180 days from the date of the drawing to claim their prize.

Mega Millions announced the historic win in a statement early Wednesday.

The lucky player overcame miserable odds: the chance of matching all six numbers and winning the top prize was 1 in 302.5 million. Seven others in the state won $10,000 apiece.

Although Tuesday's jackpot was very big, it's no fluke.

One ticket sold in SC matched all six numbers in the Mega Millions lottery draw for a record-setting $1.6-billion jackpot, the state's lottery says. Last October, those officials made two big changes: They doubled ticket prices to $US2 - and tweaked the formula to make it easier to win smaller prizes but harder to win the jackpot.

"A big mistake people think: this is a lot of money so let me help everyone", Laurie Ruckel, a trusts and estates lawyer at Loeb & Loeb law firm in NY, said yesterday.

In March, a New Hampshire judge ruled that a $560 million Powerball jackpot victor can stay anonymous after she sued the state's lottery.

Here at home - don't throw away your tickets just yet.

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