‘SNL’ tackles President Trump’s meeting with Kanye West

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There's more - a lot more - including Kanye declaring "I am the best living recording artist", boasting about his IQ and assuring us all he's not insane. he just needs some sleep. It was more like 'Ye seized the moment to launch into a self-serving monologue.

The 60-year-old actor returned to Saturday Night Live on Saturday (October 13) to reprise his role as President Trump to spoof the president's recent meeting with Kanye West - played by Chris Redd.

Kanye also added: "I am the best living recording artist - we, rather, because the spirits flow through me". "We're gonna be digging bodies out of the ground".

"Oh my god, he's black me", said Baldwin's Trump at one point. "I just trust him as a person of intent".

West then calls himself a "stable genius" and has "the best words", familiar phrases uttered by the real Trump.

The writers at SNL must have agreed with those who hated the meeting because they picked it apart in their cold open, with Trump-impersonator Alec Baldwin calling it a "publicity stunt". "Who does he remind me of?" wonders Baldwin. Here's what we know about Donald Trump's taste in music, his habit of listening to tracks that mention him, and his choice to make his own playlists for rallies.

Azealia Banks is on Kanye West's side when it comes to the moves he's making in relation to the White House.

"Oh my Lord. What have I gotten myself into?" thought Brown in voiceover. Eminem may have known that his fan base overlaps with Trump's supporters, or he may have caught on to the fact that his music "is more popular in parts of the United States that are disproportionately white".

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