Meghan Markle's Sister Reportedly Showed Up To Kensington Palace Uninvited

Kate Middleton in January 2015

Kate Middleton in January 2015More

Meghan Markle's half sister reportedly clashed with security as she turned up at Kensington Palace to confront the royal.

One place you really can't show up without calling first is Kensington Palace.

Markle eventually left - "fuming", reports The Mirror - after presenting the officer with a letter.

Samantha has already done several interviews with the media since her arrival in the United Kingdom and she has now reportedly made an attempt to enter Kensington Palace with her partner.

The confrontation reportedly came on a recent trip Samantha made to the United Kingdom with an aim to confront her half-sister.

The big question everyone wants to know the answer to, is Duchess Meghan Markle pregnant?

The elder Markle, who has previously called Meghan "cold" and "fake" had previously given palace officials an "ultimatum" to arrange a meeting between her and the Duchess or else she would show up on the Palace grounds.

But her attempts to meet the Duchess of Sussex face-to-face were stalled when a security guard refusing to let her pass. Grant, who has multiple sclerosis, was in a wheelchair pushed by her friend.

She said: "I just think that families can be this way when there's confusion and when people are hurt".

"This was a huge move on the part of Meghan's sister to try to see her face to face and the fact she was turned away speaks volumes", a source told The Mirror.

Earlier this year, Dooley's father, Thomas Markle Jr, told media that fame had "changed" his stepsister Meghan and he wished the Markle family had received better treatment from the royal family. However her arrival at palace gates has got her no further in her quest to speak face-to-face with Meghan it would seem.

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