Lindsay Lohan Punched As 'She Accuses Family Of Child Trafficking'

Lindsay Lohan in the Instagram Live video

Lindsay Lohan in the Instagram Live video

That did not stop Lohan, as she followed the family, then accusing them of "child trafficking" and "ruining Arab culture".

It is not clear where the video was filmed, but Ms Lohan has recently tagged her social media posts to Moscow and Paris.

"Do you want me to give you a hotel?". Boys, don't worry. The whole world is seeing this right now.

Newsweek reports that as she was leaving a club, Lindsay started filming a refugee family.

She went as far as to talk to them in what sounds like Arabic accent and mutter incomprehensible Arabic phrases. I'll take care. Let me take care of you you want to stay in a hotel tonight?

"I won't leave until I take you". Do you want to watch movies? To watch a movie on a TV, right?

She says, "This is my auto right here"-presumably to the kids-and follows the family, saying, "They're trafficking children", when a woman's voice is heard closing in and Lohan gasps audibly while the camera shakes. They will come back to you", she says, her voice growing louder and more insistent while morphing into an odd dialect".

The family of four then starts to stand up and begin walking in order to get away from Lohan, but the actress follows them with her camera and Instagram Live streaming to her more than 6.8 million followers. I'll buy you a hotel room, I will, I will do it, I'll buy it.come in my auto and I'll buy a hotel room.

The run-in with the family began innocently enough on Friday evening, with the actress hopping out of a vehicle - it's unclear if she's in Paris or Moscow, as some have said - and telling her viewers about the family. "I won't leave until I take you".

Apparently fearful of Lohan's freakish behaviour, the family gathers up their belongings and starts to walk away. "I'll take you with me and we will see them tomorrow". Lohan remained standing and crying and told her followers that she's scared and shocked, and she just wanted to save the kids. And in part because she's clearly not well, and should be the one getting help, not giving it.

A third added: "The Lindsay Lohan video is shocking... imagine if that was your kids".

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