Google now lets you easily delete your search history

Google Brings Privacy Controls a Little Closer to Search

Google makes it easier to view and delete your Search data

Today, we're making it easier for you to make decisions about your data directly within the Google products you use every day, starting with Search. The case against Google isn't about being "secretive" in their data-collection practice, but criticizes the company for being deceptive with their privacy toggles and switches.

Under the new overhaul, users can immediately access their Google search settings by simply heading to the "Settings" tab in their Google search and clicking "Your data in Search".

Users had to open the My Activity page after signing in to their Google account to delete some or even all of the records. Being able to not only see your personal data, but also delete it, puts more control in the user's hands - where it should be.

Google also made it a little easier to find privacy controls related to Search, like ad personalization settings (see below). Let us know what you'd like to learn about in the comments. This new access also allows users to control Ad Settings and access Activity Controls to see what information Google saves to your account, and what Google uses to make search and other Google services "faster, smarter, and more useful".

The latter one states that (if left on), it will remember your activity on Google websites and apps, including information like current location. From the resulting dropdown, choose Your data in Search.

Google says it plans to expand these privacy control efforts to Google Maps in 2019, followed by releases in "many" other Google products.

Google announced last night that it has simplified the process of deleting your search activity. While it is not a huge advance in terms of our level of control, making it easy and obvious that protecting your data can and should be a habit is a small step in the right direction.

The changes are available for desktop and mobile search offerings on the Web as of today.

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