Did Elizabeth Warren Make a Mistake — MSNBC Host

Obama’s Former Campaign Manager is Pretty Ticked About Warren’s DNA Stunt

Trump calls Elizabeth Warren ‘total fraud,’ offers to give DNA test himself

President Trump has repeatedly mocked Warren for claiming she is part Native American.

Skeptics have long mocked Warren citing her grandfather's "high cheekbones" as proof, and Trump has referred to the senator as "Pocahontas" poking fun at her alleged ties. And so it was, back to the misery of square one, Warren checkmated, Trump bullishly ecstatic, and political conversation dumbed into oblivion. She's getting some backlash from Native Americans and grumbling from Democrats who'd rather be talking about toppling Congress' Republican majorities in the midterm elections three weeks away.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's revelation that she could have Native ancestry has done little to help her cause, and shows that she fundamentally misunderstands what it is to be a Native American.

Native Americans have been standing alone as the only ethnic minority group with the integrity and self-respect to openly criticize Warren. Kamala Harris and other hard-hitting rivals for the 2020 Democratic nomination. If anything, the DNA test proved nothing. He also denied making the million-dollar donation offer. "They think they're honoring native people, but the real way to do that would be focusing on the issues that face native people", like land rights, treaties, economic development and education, she said. "I think the fact is it's an issue that's been attached to her since 2012", he said. "This is not something I would enjoy doing either".

DNA tests are typically done using a sample swabbed from the inside of a person's cheek. "I don't know", Mullin added. "We're not trying to play politics here either". "It may soothe his ego - but it won't work".

The "creepy" description carries extra meaning during the nation's reckoning with sexual misconduct in the #MeToo era. She also said he makes "creepy physical threats" about women who scare him, including her. Warren duly released a video built on a refutation of Trump's claims, insisting that such insults were designed "to distract from the kinds of changes I am fighting for".

"Now that her claims of being of Indian heritage have turned out to be a scam and a lie, Elizabeth Warren should apologize for perpetrating this fraud against the American Public", Trump said in another tweet that ignored the evidence of her Native American background, however small the percentage.

She fired back at Trump within minutes: "You've lost a step, and in 21 days, you're going to lose Congress".

In the end, Warren would fare better by simply embracing her USA citizenship. Warren had not merely delegitimised the use of DNA tests but dishonoured "legitimate tribal governments and their citizens, whose ancestors are well documented and whose heritage is proven". In a news briefing later in Georgia, he answered the Warren question with a new condition: "I'll only do it if I can test her personally, OK?"

Indeed, there are sensitive, appropriate ways to talk about potentially having Native American ancestors.

Where are those blacks, including CNN's Don Lemon and former DNC Chair Donna Brazile, who rushed to condemn, insult, and attack Kanye West for supporting President Trump and visiting the Oval Office?

But she's not a member of any tribe, and many Indians take exception to anyone who claims to be part Indian without being enrolled in a tribe, especially for political purposes.

The South Carolina-born Haley, meanwhile, is the daughter of immigrants from the Punjab region of India. Those are among the first states to vote in the presidential primaries beginning in 15 months.

Graham said he hadn't given much thought to the story of his own apparent Native American ancestry, but he now plans to take a DNA test in an attempt to find out.

"The rest: other dinosaurs", the tweet reads.

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