Detroit police find 63 fetuses in funeral home amid probe

More than 60 infant bodies found at another funeral home in Detroit

More than 60 infant bodies found at another funeral home in Detroit

The next step in the Perry Funeral Home investigation is identifying the fetal remains found there Friday.

More than 60 human foetuses have been found stashed in cardboard boxes and freezers at funeral home in MI.

"We already thought we had a strong case, and then when the news starting hitting the media about Cantrell, our clients agreed that we should take what we knew to the highest level" of the Detroit Police Department, Parks said.

Detroit police Chief James Craig said officers found 36 fetuses in boxes and 27 others in freezers during Friday's raid at the Perry Funeral Home.

Authorities are conducting a criminal investigation, Craig said.

Cadaver dogs were sent to the funeral home after the infants' bodies were found, but the dogs are not trained to detect ashes - only remains, Craig said.

In a letter dated June 1, 2017, Wayne State told Perry Funeral Home they could no longer house the remains.

Friday's discovery came a week after Licensing and Regulatory Affairs workers discovered the remains of 10 fetuses and one infant in a drop-down ceiling of a separate, former funeral home in Detroit. In some cases, the home embalmed remains without the knowledge or consent of the families, the department said. It also alleges the funeral home may have fraudulently billed Medicaid, as well as the Detroit Medical Center, for burials it never performed.

Police were tipped off regarding issues with the funeral home by a parent involved in a civil suit over the improper burial of a child, the paper said.

"I hope this is isolated to these two", Craig said.

A person can be found guilty of a felony under Michigan Law for "failure to or refusal to supervise the final disposition of a dead human body" more than 180 days after a funeral, ABC News reports.

"I just want justice for my daughter to know if she's there or if she's here and to be honest with you those people deserve whatever comes their way because that's something we'll never be able to get back", Powell said.

The original discovery of 11 corpses came after authorities received an anonymous letter tipping them off about the Cantrell Funeral Home, which had been closed for months due to "deplorable conditions", according to The Detroit News.

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