"X-Men: Dark Phoenix" Teaser Reveals Official Trailer Will Be Released Tonight

X-Men Dark Phoenix

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In Dark Phoenix, a telepathic and telekinetic Jean Grey discovers her true potential after almost being killed during a rescue mission in space. God help us all.

Starring Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner as Jean Grey, Dark Phoenix was in production for a very long time, the significance of which changed after the bad reception of X-Men: Apocalypse. The film's release date was rescheduled from November to February 2019 to accommodate reshoots for the third act.

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Dark Phoenix Trailer: The X-Men's Latest Nemesis Is Within Their Own Ranks

According to an official synopsis from the movie studio Fox, the next "X-Men" movie will simply be called "Dark Phoenix". Longtime X-Men producer Simon Kinberg is stepping into the director's role, and he promises a much better outing this time. The film revolves around a young Jean Grey, played by Sophie Turner, who tries to understand her powers.

The Dark Phoenix trailer contains visual references to what came before, including a funeral scene. The film looks like it will take the same path, as early reports claim a trip to space is what introduces Jean to the Phoenix force. We'll be sure to keep you updated on all news regarding Dark Phoenix as more information becomes available. Jessica Chastain is the major new addition as a mysterious shapeshifter who manipulates the Phoenix. The next film in the X-Men franchise will adapt Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum and John Byrne's iconic "Dark Phoenix Saga", which also inspired 2006's X-Men: The Last Stand. "I feel like this movie is a revelation because of it being like a drama but the hero is a female and she's also the villain", she told EW. All of your favorites are back, including James McAvoy, 39, as Charles Xavier, Jennifer Lawrence, 28, as Mystique, Tye Sheridan, 21, as Cyclops, Nicholas Hoult, 28, as Beast, Evan Peters, 31, as Quicksilver, and more.

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