What's new in the redesigned Google Chrome?

Google Chrome Material Design 2

4 updates coming to Google Chrome for its 10th birthday

With Google's Chrome Browser celebrating its 10 anniversary yesterday, it seems the team at Google is not resting on their laurels and they've brought forward a fresh coat of paint to keep things exciting.

Chrome has now a fresh face with more rounded shapes, new icons and a new color palette. In the latter two, you'll notice that Google moved the toolbar to the bottom of the screen, so your thumbs won't have to reach so far to tap navigational commands.

These passwords are also synchronized to your Google account so that they are available on other devices that you use Chrome. Google's also doubling down on security with an upgraded password manager that'll now automatically generate passwords for you so you don't use the same password for all your accounts. Chrome for Android 69.0.3497.76 brings a clean and more modern design, secure and easy mobile payments via third party apps, support for password generation on more sites, and general stability and performance improvements. Developers have been tinkering with this on Chrome OS for some time and have created a number of different options depending on whether you're using a tablet, clamshell or convertible. You can now get answers to your questions directly inside the Omnibox, without having to navigate to a website.

You'll soon be able to search through your Google Drive right from the search bar. To put all of these new features to the test yourself, be sure to update your Chrome browser now. You can now create and manage shortcuts to your favorite websites directly from the new tab page. There's also the New Tab page that can be customised to your fancy and Chrome 69 for desktop also enables PiP mode by default. As a Chrome user for years, I was forced to switch when it went through a much-publicized Mac slowdown, moving to Safari.

Chrome usually gets updated every six weeks, but on the browser's 10th birthday, Google is going the extra mile in the enhancement department.

Google announced Chrome on September 2, 2008 and over the past few years it has become the world's most popular browser beating the likes of Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) and Mozilla's Firefox. You will certainly need a little getting used to, though the new changes are more than fantastic.

Circling back around to the New Tab Page, Chrome will now let you customize it by adding your own shortcuts and even adding your own wallpaper.

The Omnibox combines the search bar and address bar into one, making search more faster and smarter.

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