We've all been saying Chrissy Teigen's name wrong

Nope it's not pronounced 'Tee-gan'

Nope it's not pronounced 'Tee-gan'.Image Paul Archuleta FilmMagic

When another Twitter user pointed out that Chrissy even says "Teigen" when she talks about herself on TV, she explained that she's pretty much resigned herself to it at this point.

Taking to her social networking sites on the weekend, the brunette beauty uploaded a video of her red and inflamed kneecap as a result of the nasty tumble. "I'm asking this with the utmost respectful [sp], but is Chrissy Teigen pregnant again?" one person asked.

It turns out she gave up correcting people and made a decision to just adopt the wrong pronunciation herself even correcting people to the wrong version when they say it right. Years. I like to kindly assume we all have, because who in their right mind would withhold such game-changing information? True to form, the outspoken star had a hilarious audience reaction during one of Emmys co-host Michael Che's jokes about Roseanne Barre, scrunching up her face and sinking down in her seat.

While we can't relate to millions of people mispronouncing our surname on a daily basis, we can sympathize with Teigen's all-too-relatable take on keeping a cringe-worthy conversation at bay. So how exactly do you say it?

"Word! gave up a long time ago. last name is tie-gen not tee-gen", she tweeted.

Anytime he's said it himself he's pronounced it the correct way, but people will probably continue saying it the wrong way for eternity.

"Just call her Teigen; it's fine", Legend said. Teigen got her mom Vilailuck - who famously lives with Teigen and Legend - to chime in.

She tweeted: "Chrissy Teigen is attractive but does she have to be included in everything just because she's married to John Legend?". Chrissy took a took a minute out of her evening at the Emmys, to hit the troll with a sarcastic reply.

What have you been pronouncing Chrissy's name like?

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