We might finally get a dual-SIM iPhone this year

6 gadgets Apple may launch on September 12

Rumored Leak Indicates Apple's New Entry Level Smartphone To Be Called iPhone XC, Per 'The Verge'

The rumors indicate there will be at least two versions: the iPhone XS, which will be 6.1 inches and will be the more affordable model, and the iPhone XS Max, which will be a whopping 6.5 inches (the biggest iPhone yet). The leaked iPhone 9 page from Apple's website shows all the colour variants of the iPhone 9, out of which the confirmed variants are the Space Grey, Red, Spicy Orange and Cobalt Blue.

So iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR or iPhone XC?

This has been the mystery that's been stumping us for months: what new phones will Apple actually bring out at the Steve Jobs theater?

It has happened nearly every time Apple has introduced a new design: iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6/6 Plus, and iPhone X.

Accordingly, the 6.1-inch version among the new Apple smartphones will not be called iPhone XS Light, but iPhone XC. The XS Plus was rumoured to have been called the iPhone XS Max and is expected to have a 6.5 inch OLED screen.

The new phones will be "all display", meaning no buttons on the front - so it's pretty certain that you'll be unlocking your phone with your face if you buy any new iPhone in 2018. It's still the company's most-important product, generating about two-thirds of revenue and spurring purchases of other Apple devices, along with services like app subscriptions, movie downloads, and iCloud storage.

Apple has a dedicated page right here for the event, so bookmark it at your earliest opportunity. Apple revenue grew at an 8 percent [compound annual growth rate] over the last five years, driven in large part by sales of its flagship iPhone. Shortly after Apple's big event on Wednesday, Microsoft is expected to introduce new Surface hardware on the 2nd of October, followed by new Pixel hardware from Google on the 9th of October. That could mean the lower-cost device ships in limited quantities initially, they said. Apple already used one of these 5 years ago to identify an "inexpensive" iPhone model.

Now a "leak" from inside a Chinese telecoms firm might just have revealed two key details about the gadget: its name and price. It also includes a new Shortcuts feature.

Beyond phones and watches, Apple is planning a series of other products later this year.

Finally, as expected, AirPods 2 will show up, as will AirPower, the wireless charging pad that was announced at last year's event.

There's also word from Kuo that there'll quite possibly be a "low-price MacBook" that would replace the 12-inch MacBook in Apple Stores.

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