Trump Gets Labor Day Off to a Feisty Start

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USA and Canadian officials said talks will resume on Wednesday, but the White House already notified Congress on Friday of its "intent to sign a trade agreement with Mexico - and Canada, if it is willing - 90 days from now". However, Canada and the US did not meet the negotiating deadline, and talks are to continue this week.

On Saturday, President Donald Trump tweeted that Canada will be left out of the new NAFTA agreement if a fair deal can't be reached, stating there was "no political necessity" for its inclusion. "There is no political necessity to keep Canada in the new NAFTA deal, if we don't to make a fair deal for the United States after decades of abuse".

He says on Twitter that a deal will go ahead with or without Canada's involvement, and if Congress tries to intervene, he will "terminate NAFTA entirely".

But with Donald Trump driving the agenda for the American side of the bargaining process, some experts warn that the uncertainty generated by the negotiation of a new North American Free Trade Agreement will ultimately hurt consumers.

The Toronto Star proclaims them "secret bombshell remarks": off-the-record comments President Trump made about Canada in an interview with Bloomberg News on Thursday that were leaked to the Star.

Trumka not only said he's anxious to see America "move forward" with the deal, he bashed the prior incarnation of NAFTA, and those who upheld it. The talks were constructive, and we made progress.

The 24-year-old NAFTA tore down most trade barriers dividing the United States, Mexico and Canada.

The U.S. -Mexico deal sought to end the mass exodus of manufacturing from the U.S., especially with automakers. Free Trade deal, a predecessor to NAFTA, after similarly hard bargaining.

Earlier, he said he loved Canada, but says "they've taken advantage of our Country for many years!"

Economist Ben Stein discusses the trade talks between the USA and Canada.

Trudeau on Friday did not say if Trump's comments would impact negotiations between the US and Canada, which will resume next week, but said his country would pursue a path that was a "win-win-win on all sides". Driving that optimism was agreement on auto content that would favour Canada and the United States due to their higher-wage workers, making it less appealing for manufacturers to move production to Mexico.

President Donald Trump has threatened to leave Canada on the sidelines since announcing a breakthrough with Mexico on Monday, but the USA president and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have both expressed optimism a deal is close.

The US wants Canada to open up access to American dairy products, extend patent protections for medicines and agree to eliminate global panels to resolve most disputes between investors and governments. Nieto's successor, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has had representatives at the U.S. -Mexico talks, but if the deal is not signed before he takes office he could add new demands and complicate the deal.

He added: "We said when [Trump] was elected that when he did something good for workers, we'd support him".

Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, who is leading negotiations for her country, has declined to get into details of talks. The president has imposed wide-ranging tariffs that, he argues, will help protect American workers and force USA trading partners to stop exploiting trade deals that are unfair to the United States.

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