Stranded navy commander rescued from Indian Ocean

Australia joins bid to rescue injured Indian sailor in remote ocean

How Indian Navy Tracked Down Missing Naval Officer in Indian Ocean

The French vessel is likely to move him to Australian naval ship HMAS Ballarat, which has left Perth to bring him.

Tomy had suffered a serious back injury Friday after his yacht was damaged in a storm while representing India in the global solo circumnavigation Golden Globe Race (GGR) 2018.

The Australian, Indian and French navies have dispatched vessels to rescue the sailor, however they are unlikely to reach him before tomorrow due to poor weather conditions.

The mast of Abhilash Tomy's yacht Thuriya broke off when it was rolled in a storm on Friday and the yachtsman suffered what he described as a "severe back injury". "I have full confidence in him", he said.

Race organisers said the 39-year-old Indian navy commander had been "incapacitated on his bunk".

Organizers said in the post that Tomy was able to tell them via text message that he heard the airplane fly by.

Finally, on Monday, French fishing vessel Osiris braved the waters to reach the Thuriya and took the injured sailor on board. Tomy was injured and his yacht lost its mast in a storm on Friday.

The French vessel Osiris has successfully rescued stranded Commander Abhilash Tomy from his yacht Thuriya.

Tomy is the only Indian to complete a solo circumnavigation around the world in a boat in 2013.

Commissioned in the Indian Navy in 2000, Tomy has sailed more than 52,000 miles in his 18-year naval career.

According to GGR's Facebook page, Cdr Tomy went without any food as he lay in the drifting boat, over 1800 miles away from Western Australia coast.

Before the accident, Tomy was in the third position among 11 global participants and had sailed over 10,500 nautical miles since the race began on July 1.

Abhilash Tomy aboard Thuriya, a replica of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston's yacht Suhail, victor of the first GGR 50 years ago.

The yacht, which was "severely damaged with gear hanging over the side", was located in Australia's search and rescue zone 2,200 miles southwest of the Australian city of Perth, Australian Maritime Safety Authority search and rescue officer Phil Gaden said during a news conference.

Commander Tomy as seen lying on the stretcher, being taken for medical attention after he was rescued from his unmasted yacht. Given that his stricken vessel is only capable of making a few knots, VMG, and given the remoteness of his location, McGuckin wisely understood that requesting help now would place rescue crews-not to mention himself-in considerably less danger than if he actually required rescue during a future storm.

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