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A new Samsung Galaxy smartphone will launch on October 11, and the company has confirmed the same with an official teaser.

Samsung on Friday posted a public invitation to A Galaxy Event 2018 scheduled for October 11 that'll stream live on the company's website.

Samsung has a habit of trying to reignite sales for its flagship smartphones by launching new color options. Answering a question that asked whether the statement indicated 2-front and 2-rear cameras, Ice Universe replied "all back". ET News, which has proven reliable with this sort of news, reported that the South Korean company will incorporate a total of five cameras within the Galaxy S10. This is something similar to how the camera modules in artificial intelligence-capable smartphone work.

So maybe Samsung's mysterious invite is referring to a plethora of cameras, or maybe not. And Huawei recently launched a triple-camera phone in the P20 Pro and is rumored to be putting three lenses in the upcoming Mate 20 as well.

Samsung has sent out an announcement for another "Galaxy Event", and while the hint is subtle, it does suggest something: a new phone.

It's a good news for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 users as the smartphone giant has been rolling out a new update with some new features.

However, we also wouldn't discount the possibility of seeing a Samsung smartphone with four times zoom, as some of its devices already have two times hybrid zoom. The telephoto and wide-angle lenses will additionally come with optical image stabilization, and all three telephones can find twin aperture cameras. As for what type of phone Samsung might be unveiling, that's up in the air too.

Of course, all of this is speculation at this point and we recommend you to take everything lightly.

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