#PlaidShirtGuy removed after pulling faces at Trump rally

Kevin Lamarque  ReutersPresident Donald Trump greets the crowd as he arrives for his

Kevin Lamarque ReutersPresident Donald Trump greets the crowd as he arrives for his"Make America Great Again rally in Billings Mont. Sept. 6 2018

On Thursday, Tyler Linfesty stood behind Trump, in full view of many cameras, and listened to the president speak on various subjects, including tax reform and the media. After about 10 minutes, they told him that he had to leave the arena. "But I don't want to do anything that is going to hurt us or potentially hurt us because I've got a feeling that Republicans are going to do really well in the midterms". And I'll tell you what, this man has fought - in more ways than one - for your state.

Impeachment would also remain challenging politically - even if Democrats do make gains in November.

With more skeletons tumbling out of the closet, US President Donald Trump has asked his supporters to go and vote in the impending mid-term elections, warning them if he is impeached, "it's your fault, 'cause you didn't go out to vote".

Linfesty, who is a part of the Democratic Socialists of America, said he saw the Trump rally staffer approaching and knew he was about to be kicked out. They dubbed the teen "plaid shirt guy" and video clips of his reactions went viral online.

"Some of us realizing I turn into once being disrespectful - I turn into once no longer planning to be disrespectful", Linfesty instantaneous ABC Fox Montana. Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential campaign and the North American Free Trade Agreement - but his facial reactions caught the most attention.

"I didn't really have a plan", Linfesty told the Gazette.

The teenager found viral fame this week during a Trump campaign rally in Montana as he made amusing faces behind the president, looking incredulous as some of Trump's more incoherent statements.

Linfesty said he knew why he was removed from the rally, though he claimed he was never given a reason as to why he was told to leave.

'When he said something insane, I thought, "Wow that's insane", and when he said something I thought was reasonable I thought, "well, that's reasonable",' the teen said, insisting he was not seeking attention with his dramatic reactions.

"They treated me fine", he said.

Mentioning Democrats President Trump said "the market would crash" and "everybody would be very poor" if Democrats were to take back control of Congress and impeach him. He said Secret Service and police treated him respectfully.

"Before I got the picture and the handshake with Donald Trump, I asked him if me and my friends could sit behind him", he said.

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