Philadelphia Eagles officially name Nick Foles Week 1 starting quarterback

What Aaron Rodgers massive contract extension means for Carson Wentz

What Aaron Rodgers massive contract extension means for Carson Wentz

Wentz is coming off a torn ACL last December and the Eagles have preached patience with his recovery. Even though Wentz was leading the National Football League in touchdown passes at the time, he tore his ACL in December, and Foles took over from that point to lead the Eagles to their first-ever Super Bowl championship, even outdueling the great Tom Brady in the Super Bowl in Minneapolis.

Pederson then refused to comment on that report or any questions about his quarterbacks.

Nick Foles' time as the Eagles' starting quarterback isn't over quite yet.

Pederson responded to the remaining media questions with "I'm not going to discuss it", and "next question". Or the pressure of Week 1 gone, are the Eagles about to take an extremely cautious approach with their franchise player? We'll be wondering about Wentz's return until he is back on the field, even if Pederson won't be thrilled to keep talking about it. "I don't want to put my game plan out there for everybody to see it and read it and teams can scheme".

Pederson did reveal Wentz has not yet been cleared for contact by doctors, though that can obviously change between now and Thursday. "It just doesn't make a lot of sense". Every day that passes without Wentz being cleared for contact, the more likely it is that Foles will start.

In his second season previous year after having been the No. 2 overall pick in the 2016 draft, Wentz had put himself in the MVP conversation before suffering a severe knee injury in Week 14. The Eagles only practice three more times, including Sunday, before the game.

However, Foles did not carry that level of play into his preseason appearances, when he completed 16 of 26 passes for 171 yards, no touchdowns and two interceptions. The Atlanta game comes a few days shy of that nine-month mark.

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