Iran's president says USA will rejoin nuclear deal

United States delegation Vice President Mike Pence left center National security adviser John Bolton U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley second from right and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo far right listens as President Donald address the United Nations G

Donald Trump Just Got Laughed At By The Entire United Nations

President Donald Trump at the United Nations Security Council in New York City, New York on September 26, 2018.

"They weren't laughing at me". "They do not respect their neighbors or borders or the sovereign rights of nations".

Tensions have soared between Beijing and Washington after Mr Trump this week slapped new tariffs covering $200 billion in Chinese goods exported to the United States. "Anything else is just playing with words and will not get us to any solutions".

Trump held an unprecedented summit with Kim in Singapore in June that yielded a broad pledge by Kim to "work toward" denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula.

Later, as he was leaving the United Nations, he told reporters that he had meant to be amusing.

Trump began his speech by saying his administration "has accomplished more than nearly any administration in the history of our country", an assessment not shared by some of the 130 world leaders gathered in the chamber.

But, Mr Trump noted, the United States has recently begun to reimpose sanctions on the country and regime, and said another round of sanctions will go into effect on November 5.

Bolton, speaking to an organization that opposed the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, from which the administration withdrew in May, said that there would be "hell to pay" if Tehran crossed the United States, its allies or their partners. But the president appeared somewhat deflated after that, even as he faithfully recited lines from the teleprompters. Trump has said sanctions on North Korea would remain for now.

A year ago, Trump used his first United Nations speech to harangue North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, warning he was on a "suicide march" if he failed to comply.

Pompeo said he would be going to Pyongyang soon but did not give a date.

The fake news said 'people laughed at President Trump.' They didn't laugh at me.

Referring to the bloody civil war in Syria, Trump blamed the "corrupt dictatorship in Iran" for fueling the conflict through money and support for the Bashar al-Assad regime.

Likewise, national security adviser John Bolton, speaking at the United Against Nuclear Iran conference Tuesday, threatened that the United States would use all tools at its disposal to go after Qasem Soleimani, the leader of the Quds Force of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, and said U.S. troops would not leave Syria until Iranian soldiers have all returned to Iran. "The United States is conducting a campaign of economic pressure to deny the regime the funds needed to advance their bloody agenda".

The Iranian president further said that the meeting showed that the United States was alone as nearly every country in the meeting supported the JCPOA and directly and indirectly condemned U.S. action in withdrawing from the deal.

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