IPhone XS buyers undeterred by higher prices, few upgrades

Huawei Trolls Apple by Giving Out 200 Free Power Banks to Fans Camping Outside Store

Huawei gave out power banks to Apple fans queuing for iPhones in Singapore

If you've ever wished there was a quicker way to easily edit your texts and notes when using your Apple devices, we've got good news for you. The excitement is so much that the Apple fans in Singapore stood in a queue in front of the Apple Store ahead of the latest iPhones launch.

Despite the heavy security at the Apple store at 1021 Lincoln Rd., in South Beach, detectives believe it was a targeted heist.

Apple's new iPhones are here, and while the iPhone XS improves on the iPhone X in many ways, there's one area where the XS falls behind: battery capacity.

If you're thinking of getting the smaller iPhone XS, you'll be happy to know that Apple is also giving it 4GB of RAM, which is 1GB more than last year's iPhone X. This is quite a significant change as usually Apple puts less RAM on its smaller model.

When we went hands-on with the iPhone XS and XS Max, we were mainly struck by how similar they felt to the iPhone X-particularly the iPhone XS.

According to reports, as many as 200 power bans were handed out to iPhone fans in Singapore. When dropped from head height, the iPhone X's glass cracked, while the iPhone XS escaped with almost no damage.

"You might be happy to wait a month or two after the launch and wait for supply to catch up with demand, and for any problems with the new phones to be identified and (hopefully) fixed", wrote MacWorld's Karen Haslam.

"'It's gold, what's not to love?" said another customer who participates in the ritual each year, waiting an hour in the pre-order queue. The iPhone X lasted about 9.5 hours in our own WiFi battery test, coming in well behind most other flagships previous year. "These people bought 18, stopped for coffee, left the phones in the vehicle, and moments later all were stolen".

Apple Watch Series 3 launched a year ago, also comes with eSIM support.

There is one major difference between the iPhone XS and XS Max: size. The new iPhone XS, XS Max and XR also support wireless charging and it works with any compatible Qi Wireless charger in the market. Flipkart has listed exchange offers and cashbacks from banks as part of the pre-order offers, and Airtel has also listed cashback offers.

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