Hong Kong comes together for massive typhoon clean-up

A resident wades through flood waters after buying food in the Philippines following Typhoon Mangkhut

A resident wades through flood waters after buying food in the Philippines following Typhoon Mangkhut

Dozens of residents sought shelter there during the storm Saturday despite warnings it was risky.

Rescuers have retrieved at least 14 bodies from a bunkhouse buried in a landslide in the mountain town of Itogon in Benguet, the mayor said Tuesday as police, soldiers, and volunteers continue to dig through thick mud for three days now.

The Philippine government has ordered a stop to all illegal mining in six mountainous northern provinces in a drastic decision to prevent more tragedies after Typhoon Mangkhut set off landslides that trapped dozens of poor people, including small-scale miners.

Typhoon Mangkhut is the 15th to lash the Philippines this year. Strong winds and heavy rain caused significant damage to food crops, increasing livelihood and food needs.

The South China Morning Post said Hong Kong's hospitals had to use back-up power due to outages caused by the storm.

SUPER TYPHOON Mangkhut, which pummelled across the northern Philippines before hitting Hong Kong and Shenzen, China over the weekend left wide-scale devastation in its wake, with authorities scrambling to rescue stranded survivors in some affected parts, and undertaking a huge cleanup in others. "As the barge was sinking, they made a decision to abandon ship", he said.

A commercial building damaged by Typhoon Mangkhut in Hong Kong.

"Also, most people in Hong Kong live in high rise apartments and in many cases the buildings sway slightly in the wind which can be very scary if you're, say, on the 27 floor".

The typhoon is already the city's most powerful storm on record and looks set to become its most destructive, after Typhoon Hato left a record $110 million claims bill following its impact a year ago. Forty-five other people were missing and 33 were injured in the storm. After making landfall in China's most populous province, Guangdong, it killed four before heading west into neighbouring Guangxi province late Sunday night.

More than 2.4 million people had been evacuated in southern China's Guangdong province by Sunday evening to flee the typhoon, state media said.

Initially the recovered bodies had been carried up the hill in a two-hour hike, but rescuers devised a rope system which enabled them to pull the remains of those found up to where family members were waiting for news.

"Since we lived in the worldwide dorm, all of the global students banded together and were pretty much landlocked since you can't go outside because the winds are so violent", Sellers said.

Global cruise calls are back on track at Hong Kong after the territory was battered by the worst storm of the year on Sunday with gusts of up to 160 mph/ 257 km/h reported.

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