Florence to approach East Coast next week

Storm season peaks: Hurricane Florence still far from landfall, uncertainty remains for East Coast

Hurricane Florence's Path Shifts Westward, Putting Bermuda On Notice

The storm is nearly 1,600 miles from the Outer Banks of North Carolina and is still as much as a week away from a potential USA landfall, according to the latest forecast from the National Hurricane Center.

The NHC encouraged residents along the east coast to review their hurricane plans.

Cooper says state emergency management officials are working with local and federal agencies to prepare North Carolina for possible impacts from Florence.

Florence may be close to the East Coast by the middle or end of next week.

The Hurricane Center is predicting that Florence will generate swells that will affect Bermuda by Friday and the U.S. East Coast by the weekend.

There is more tropical activity beyond Florence, so it's not a bad idea to think about this anyway. On Friday, its winds fell to 60 mph as the storm moved westward at only 7 mph about 780 miles northeast of the northern Leeward Islands.

He said: “Florence is expected to re-intensify, to a Category 2 hurricane within the 72-hour period, reaching a Category 4 hurricane in four to five days time.

Johnathan Lamb, National Weather Service meteorologist, said Florence is more than seven days away from making an impact on land - if it even does.

Interests in the Cabo Verde Islands are being warned to monitor the progress of this system during the next several days because there is a much better chance of early strengthening with this developing storm system. The weakening nudged the storm on more of a westerly course toward the U.S. Weaker storms are steered by different layers of the atmosphere than stronger storms. The average European model simulation has shifted its track from just off the Mid-Atlantic coast to onshore. "The risk of other direct impacts associated with Florence along the U.S. East Coast next week has increased", according to the 11 a.m. NHC forecast discussion.

The remnants of Tropical Storm Gordon were also dying off Thursday, with the storm downgraded to a depression as it moved inland over Mississippi.

Tropical Storm Florence has winds of 65 mph on Saturday morning as it is located 840 miles southeast of Bermuda. It's forecast to become a hurricane by Monday.

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