Dissenting Justice Chandrachud ruled Aadhaar ‘unconstitutional’, called it ‘fraud’

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Supreme Court rules Aadhaar not mandatory for bank accounts, mobile numbers, school admissions

Linking of Aadhaar with IT returns, PAN card - Mandatory.

Justice Sikri's judgment also upheld Section 139AA OF Income Tax Act. Aadhaar isn't necessary to appear in CBSE, UGC and NEET exams.

The judgment has also struck down Sections 33 (2), 47 and 57 of the Act. Justice AK Sikri observed that Aadhaar is meant to help government benefits to reach marginalised sections of society.

In their arguments against Aadhaar, petitioners had also referred to Britain's decision to scrap a similar national ID card project in 2011, seen as an "erosion of civil liberties".

Apart from privacy concerns, India's poor, often denied access to social welfare schemes unless they can furnish an Aadhaar ID, are particularly vulnerable. Since the Supreme Court verdict was just passed, a much seamless way to delink Aadhaar from bank accounts must be introduced. The fifth judge - Justice Dhananjaya Y Chandrachud - however, said that Aadhaar is wholly unconstitutional. "Aadhaar is the most talked about identification system in the world", he said. They envision a future where Aadhaar forms the core of a digital identity that could eventually include every Indian's health records, credit scores, e-signatures, criminal backgrounds, welfare entitlements and other data. "Not linking Aadhaar to mobile phones, bank accounts and others is a great relief for the common people", she tweeted.

Justice Sikri struck down Section 57 which permitted private entities to avail Aadhaar data from individuals and ruled that Aadhaar authentication data can not be stored for more than six months. He added that the "mainstream should accept changes, one can understand the fringe being against Aadhaar".

Government lawyers disputed claims that privacy was at stake, arguing that the data was kept in "silos" - so a bank would never know if you had claimed your monthly ration or filed your taxes. Calling Aadhaar a tool of good governance, Jaitley said that "Aadhaar will continue to serve poor people". The following verdict was given by a 5-judge Constitutional bench on September 26. quashing the 27 petitions which were challenging the Aadhaar, Justice Sikri said that the Aadhar can not be forged. There is no possibility of obtaining a duplicate Aadhar card, he said, adding that there is sufficient defence mechanism for authentication in the Aadhar scheme. Last year, the Supreme Court had ruled that the right to privacy was an "intrinsic part of life and personal liberty", guaranteed by Article 21 of the Constitution.

The Supreme Court is likely to pronounce its verdict on a batch of petitions seeking that a seven-judge bench reconsiders the court's 2006 judgement which had put conditions for granting quota benefits in job promotions for SC/ST employees.

"That is 1 billion unique Aadhaar numbers linked to 1 billion bank accounts and 1 billion mobile phones".

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