Apple Watch 4 fall detection disabled by default

FDA Recognizes New Apple Watch as Medical Device

And while it does sound like a life saver, it won't be unless you explicitly enable it, as it is turned off by default for anyone younger than 65.

The Apple Watch Series 4's fall detection isn't ideal, as some daring (if not crazy) YouTubers have found out. Apple says, "The more physically active you are, the more likely you are to trigger fall detection due to high impact activity that can appear to be a fall". Apple Watch Series 4 on the left, Series 3 on the right. When a wearer witnesses a hard fall, they'll hear an alarm go off with a significant vibration, soon after which they'll be able to choose from three options. That last bit is especially handy for the differently abled or elderly, as the watch will automatically detect if they trip and fall.

When a user falls and doesn't move for a minute, the Apple Watch Series 4 automatically a loud alarm after a 15-second countdown, in a move to get help from the surroundings in addition to contacting the user's contacts listed for emergency purposes. Many reported that they could not trigger a fall alert on objective, but it's not clear if all of them had the feature turned on. But on harder surfaces it worked fine. Apple COO Jeff Williams said during the keynote event that the Series 4 would be your "indispensable communication and fitness companion".

The iFixit team has managed to get its hands on the Apple Watch Series 4 and posted a detailed teardown of the wearable. It has a built-in Electrocardiogram (ECG) that can detect if your heart is beating normally or you have symptoms of Atrial Fibrillation (AFib).

The new S4 processor which drives the whole Watch now pops out easily; Apple's practice has historically been to glue down many of its processors. The tiny battery has 1.12 WHr of capacity, giving it about 4 percent greater capacity than the Series 3 (1.07 WHr). If you can't afford it, the tech giant has slashed the prices of Apple Watch Series 3 to just $279.

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