Subtropical Storm Storm Ernesto forms in Atlantic

Hawaii forecasters watching Tropical Storm Lane

Subtropical Storm Ernesto forms in the Open Atlantic

Subtropical Storm Ernesto formed Wednesday morning in the central Atlantic - several hundred miles off Newfoundland.

It's traveling north about about eight miles an hour and though it doesn't pose any threat to the United States, the UK may see some rain late this weekend.

Subtropical Storm Ernesto grew out of what started earlier Wednesday as Subtropical Depression Five.

The system is no threat to the USA, forming in a similar place in the Central Atlantic Ocean as its predecessor Tropical Storm Debby.

Thanks to dust coming from the continent of Africa, that's helping to contribute to a drop in expected storms for the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season. But, it is forecast to become post-tropical by Friday.

Forecasters are tracking a new named storm in the Eastern Pacific that is forecast to strengthen into a major hurricane.

The thunderstorms associated with subtropical systems and the strongest winds are found farther away from the center of storm.

Often upper-level troughs prevent hurricanes due to hostile shear but can contribute enough energy to the system to overcome cool surface water in higher latitudes. Debby was also classified as a Subtropical Storm. Even though the outlook has been adjusted to lower numbers, we haven't reached the peak of the Hurricane Season.

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