Parkland survivor David Hogg: Gillum’s message connected to 'young people' in Florida

Andrew Gillum supporters Richard Lopez and Mara Cooper watch the screen as election results come in showing their candidate winning the Democratic primary for governor on Tuesday Aug. 28 2018 in Tallahassee Fla

Andrew Gillum to face Ron DeSantis in Florida governor race

If Gillum becomes governor in Florida and Democrats win majority control of the U.S. House in the midterm elections, his victory nearly certainly means the Democrats will lose whatever inhibitions they may have about impeaching the president.

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum wins Florida Democratic gubernatorial primary.

Florida Democratic Party chairwoman Terrie Rizzo took to Twitter to condemn DeSantis' comment.

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum won the Democratic primary for Florida governor Tuesday, pulling off an upset against better funded and better known candidates on his quest to become the state's first black governor.

"I think the Florida electorate is going to reject the politics of division", Gillum said in an interview with The Associated Press.

Not minutes later, but seconds later, of course, many people on Twitter pointing out that those are words, monkeying around, that are offensive to many African-Americans and have always been used as race-baiting terms.

However, in American colloquial speech, "monkey with" or "monkey around with" can mean handling something carelessly or incorrectly.

"A lot of the young people I know were excited by him", Hogg told the Post, adding: "The young people will win".

Asked if he's afraid of President Donald Trump's support for DeSantis, Gillum told CNN that his race is about uniting the state.

In an interview with Politico, Gillum said Florida would be "looking for a governor that was going to bring us together, not divide us. Not misogynist, not racist, not bigots", he said. "To characterize it as anything else is absurd".

Republicans also came to DeSantis' defence, contending that the media and Democrats were mischaracterizing what DeSantis said.

In nearly every way Gillum - the Democratic nominee for governor - and DeSantis - the GOP nominee for governor - are at opposite ends of the political spectrum. She called for Democrats to rally in support of their new nominee.

Florida is the country's third most populous state after California and Texas and will be a decisive vote in the next presidential election, where the USA president won by just one percentage point in 2016.

DeSantis won his primary by touting his closeness to Trump. In Florida, Lauren Baer won her primary to become the first LGBT candidate from Florida to win a congressional primary.

The monkey line is just straight up racist. Kyrsten Sinema and Martha McSally wrapped up their nominations early Tuesday night. But Democrats were in a festive mood as results showed that voter turnout, usually damp in midterm elections, had edged up by around 5 per cent according to Ms Felecia Rotellini, the party's state chairman. Both candidates will try to lure Hispanic voters, though Republicans tend to court South Florida Cubans while Democrats typically reach out more to Central Florida Puerto Ricans.

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