OH tax free holiday

Ohio to have a sales-tax holiday

Do's and Don'ts: WI sales tax holiday

The event coincides with back to school season, but it's not just for back-to-school shopping; anyone can take advantage of the tax-free holiday.

"Wisconsin is going to have a sales tax holiday for five days from Wednesday, August 1st through Sunday, August 5th when we won't charge state or local sales tax on certain purchases".

During the three-day weekend, Florida shoppers won't have to pay the usual sales tax on many items such as clothes, shoes and school supplies.

"Our Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday is another way we are providing relief to Wisconsin's hardworking families", said Governor Walker. Definitely keep an eye out on clothing, including work and school uniforms.

Democrats are calling the holiday an election-year gimmick.

Materials used in a trade or business are not exempt under the sales tax holiday. "It definitely helps with traffic and sales, having the tax free, everybody likes that savings", explained Pinson. Davis said she basically duplicated the language of Harris' bill other than increasing the amount of a new sales tax from one-third cent to 0.45-percent.

The tax exemption applies to parents' back-to-school shopping for their kids, and for teachers stocking their classrooms. Coats, hats, jackets and even swimsuits will be tax free this weekend. Coupons and discounts available for items under the tax-free list may still be applied to reduce the item's sales price.

The August tax holiday, enacted in 2005, costs the state about $3.3 million, according to August 2017 data from the Taxation and Revenue Department.

"The people of OH deserve to keep more of the money they earn so that they can more easily provide these essentials for their families", said McColley.

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