Now, West Nile fever comes to create panic in Kozhikode

Health Department confirms first case of West Nile Virus in Shelby County

Child becomes first Manitoban infected with West Nile Virus in 2018

Tennessee health officials say they have confirmed a human case of West Nile virus in Shelby County.

Weld County Health Department Executive Director Mark Wallace says the combination of wet and increasingly hot weather in the area has created the ideal conditions for the type of mosquito that carries West Nile Virus.

West Nile can affect a person's nervous system. Since DEP first began monitoring for the virus in 2000 there have been 33 fatal cases of West Nile virus in Pennsylvania.

Dr. Joe Anzaldua, the city's medical director and health authority, urges residents to take precautions to reduce West Nile exposure.

State health experts say the wet summer that's been responsible for numerous flash floods statewide has a new effect, an explosion in the West Nile virus.

"In recent years, when one human case occurs in an area, other cases often follow in the same part of the county", Fairfax officials said. Our goal is for that to be the only one.

Sleep under a mosquito bed net if air conditioned or screened rooms are not available or if you are sleeping outdoors.

Carroll said West Nile is elevated in the Lehigh Valley this year, but no records have been broken. "It takes only a small amount of standing water - in a bird bath, in an old vehicle tire, in overturned lids, in empty pots, anywhere - to provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes". "The small pool of water that collects in a single upturned bottle cap is an incubator for as many as 300 mosquito eggs", said Helwig.

The CDC recommends using insect repellent and wearing long-sleeved shirts and trousers to help avoid contact with mosquitoes which could be carrying the virus. Spray clothing with insect repellent since mosquitoes may bite through clothing. "Mosquito populations are building and will continue to do so, especially with the persistence of hot-muggy weather", he said.

It is also recommended to help stop mosquitos from breeding by getting rid of standing pools of water in places like bird baths, wading pools and water bowls for pets. The disease was identified by the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station (CAES) which tested mosquitoes collected from June 18 to August 2.

The disease is spread by the bite of an infected mosquito.

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