North part of Mendocino Complex of Fires was very active Wednesday

Forest burns in the Carr Fire

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The fire was burning in federal forest land and a handful of residents in the area were warned Tuesday night to evacuate, said Mendocino County sheriff's Lt. Shannon Barney.

Smoke rises above Clear Lake as the River Fire (Mendocino Complex) burns near Lakeport, California, U.S. August 1, 2018. The area remains closed to residents as crews work to restore some of the infrastructure in the area.

In a marked shift from last weekend, when numerous fires were out of control and as little as five per cent contained, crews battling the key fire fronts are now reporting containment as high as 35 per cent, and in some cases, 50 per cent containment.

"We are making headway and we are feeling optimistic if we can just get a change in the weather", said Cal Fire spokesperson Sean Kavanaugh.

With high winds expected to worsen, throwing hot embers over containment lines, "we could continue to see those conditions pose difficulty for us into the night-time hours", he told Reuters by telephone.

The Carr Fire is one of 17 big fires burning throughout the state. Gov.

Law enforcement officials said the last four people reported as missing were found safe on Wednesday. The fire has burned more than 162 square miles and destroying more than 1,100 structures, is the most destructive fire in Shasta County history.

People living north of the intersection of Highway 29 and Highland Springs Road, east of Highway 29 and south of Park Way can return home, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection and the Lakeport Police Department announced Thursday afternoon.

The two fires have killed eight people, with the Carr Fire alone responsible for six of the deaths.

A deadly wildfire in Northern California continues to burn - and it doesn't show any signs of slowing down any time soon.

Twin fires in Mendocino and Lake Counties, 120 miles north of San Francisco, had burned through 140 square miles and destroyed 10 homes.

Fire officials said such blazes had been fuelled by several years of drought-dessicated vegetation, and stoked by frequent and persistent bouts of erratic winds and triple-digit temperatures.

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