Duchess Meghan's brother blames Prince Harry for family drama

     CLOSE Meghan Markle has distanced herself from her family and joined the royals

PA CLOSE Meghan Markle has distanced herself from her family and joined the royals

It is believed the new dog is a replacement for Bogart, the Labrador-Shepherd mix Meghan had to leave behind when she moved to the United Kingdom to be with Harry. The duchess told Best Health that a certain celebrity is responsible for her rescuing Bogart when she was at a dog shelter in Los Angeles years ago.

Markle Jr., 52, has been criticizing the royal family and his half-sister, much like his father, Thomas Markle, who has continued to speak to the press following the heart attack which led him to skip the May 19 nuptials. Most of her close friends already have kids, she feels behind.

Cape Town - Buckingham Palace was at fault for not lending Thomas Markle a helping hand, reckons a former bodyguard of the late Princess Diana in the light of Thomas' ongoing troubles with the British royals.

Thomas went on to claim that Meghan's relationship with her Dad was previously quite strong, and that Meghan was "all he would ever talk about". But once she landed the show, she no longer needed him and he would have to be the one to reach out. "He dedicated all his time to her". "She's capable of doing anything, she's just got to want to do it".

"They are at liberty to choose whatever color tights they wish, and indeed often opaque colors work well with outfits", Chief Executive Alexandra Messervy of The English Manner, a leading etiquette consultancy firm in the United Kingdom, told InStyle. "I don't need to be brought into all the events or whatever but it would have been nice to be brought into that".

Meghan's half brother and Mr Markle's son Thomas Markle Jr has also hit out at the royal and questioned why his family hasn't been looked after in the way that Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge's family were.

What Thomas Jr fails to mention is that Thomas Sr has said repeatedly spoken to the media against Harry and Meghan's request. If she wants to make amends, by all means, she can do that.

"This relationship is going to be played out their entire life and I just hope that she can find a way through it". "But she's got to want to do it".

And he recently likened the entire Royal Family to Scientologists - accusing them of being "like a cult". "You can not ask a question of them - as they won't answer".

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