DOOM Eternal officially coming to Switch

DOOM Eternal Gameplay Quake Con Trailer Bethesda Twitch reveal time Release date news

Bethesda DOOM Eternal Gameplay Quake Con Trailer Bethesda Twitch reveal time Release date news

Thought it was neat to see concept art and weapons from the game, it wasn't long before Bethesda jumped into gameplay. The video should begin at the Doom Eternal section, which is around the one hour 16 minutes mark.

A new, fun feature available in DOOM Eternal is the ability to take control of a demon and invade another player's campaign. "Everything you saw, that's pushing the envelope", Stratton explained. It seems like Vulcan API is really letting the devs run wild with the graphical prowess as well as allowing scaling down for less powerful machines. DOOM Eternal will be launching on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch - there's no official release date yet, but we'll let you know when one is announced. There are a ton of weapons shown off during the gameplay, like the blade attached to your arm, or a shoulder-mounted flamethrower.

DOOM Eternal- When is it coming out?

The studio also pledged the campaign won't unfold only on Earth, showing off a bit of fight footage from Martian moon Phobos to round out the demo.

That said, we've seen a lot of new Bethesda titles manage to release on the Nintendo Switch, too - so it's not unlikely that we'll see the game release on the nifty little handheld, too.

The first gameplay footage of Doom Eternal reveals that it is very much a follow-up to 2016's Doom.

DOOM Eternal's armor modifications and improvements were shown off on stage. We'll report on it as soon as it does.

The game developers spoke about lore and building up the game world, but if we're being honest this sounds like thin window dressing indeed.

DOOM Eternal will get its first look at QuakeCon in a month's time (at the time of writing). Sign me up. New weapons include a wrist-mounted retractable blade used for the bloody "glory kills" that the game challenges you to complete and a shoulder-mounted flamethrower that's flawless for char-broiling large groups of baddies at the same time.

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