The number of victims due to heat in Canada has increased

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Thirty-three people have died in a heat wave that has baked the southern part of the Canadian province of Quebec.

The number of victims of the intense heat in Canada has risen to 50 people, according to health authorities of the country.

Environment Canada expected temperatures to cool on Friday with much less extreme highs of 23C to 25C over the weekend.

Temperatures soared to 93 Fahrenheit with a humidity that made it feel much hotter than that, the meteorological service said.

"A lot of them have a chronic disease condition", said Dr. Mylene Drouin, head of the regional health authority.

Stefan Overhoff, chief operating officer at Urgences-sante ambulance service, said people who've endured the heat for several days could still be susceptible to health problems.

According to the Ministry, numerous dead were over 65 years of age and had physical or mental health problems. "So now we're adding another blow to that, and the blow is recurrent over multiple days".

Dulisse encouraged family, friends and neighbors to do "regular check-ins" on people who are older or sick.

None of the victims had air conditioning and many died inside of their homes, says Kaiser.

None of the victims had air conditioning, and Kaiser said majority died inside of their homes.

"We really hope that the next information we have to give out is the last and total number of deaths for this heat wave".

Environment Canada issued a smog warning as "high concentrations of pollutants are expected to persist through the night".

Prior to this, the only heat wave that Parent remembers being so memorable was a four to five day period in 2010.

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