Shark swiped from San Antonio Aquarium in baby stroller; suspect reportedly confesses

Thieves with stroller allegedly steal shark from San Antonio aquarium

Trio of thieves put shark in baby stroller, roll it out of the San Antonio Aquarium

Leon Valley Police Chief Joe Salvaggio told reporters Monday night that two men had admitted to stealing the shark from the Texas aquarium over the weekend and using a baby stroller to smuggle it out of the building, reports Fox News.

Surveillance video showed three suspects scoping the aquarium out, and minutes later, a man stuck his hand inside a tank, pulled the shark out, and walked to the back.

Thieves stole a shark from an interactive touch pool and used a stroller to sneak it out of a Texas aquarium on July 28th, the San Antonio Aquarium said in a Facebook post. He drove away without the other man or the woman involved in the shark-snatching.

The bucket the men used to transfer the shark into the lower carriage of the stroller was taken from a backroom in the aquarium, and contained bleach, which could be lethal to the animal.

Describing the heist to the media, Spellman said the bucket had originally contained a 5 percent bleach solution, leading aquarium officials to worry for Ms. Helen's health.

It is also expected two other people will be charged by authorities. She was in "very good condition" and returned to the aquarium. Miss Helen was found alive in the garage of a San Antonio home that looked like a "mock-up" of the aquarium, Salvaggio said.

An employee witnessed these weird antics and immediately told aquarium managers. It shared surveillance video of the crime unfolding. Spellman confronted the group in the parking lot, but one of the men denied her request to search the truck. But what turned out to be a forged receipt did not persuade the inspector, who took the man into custody.

Speaking to reporters, Salvaggio said police believe the shark was stolen to be kept as a pet.

A further post on Monday announced: "She's back home where she belongs!"

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