Pompeo says Trump-Putin summit should proceed

Trump names EU a global foe, raps media before Putin summit

Summit fever: Trump reaches for big moment with Putin - 570 NEWS

Trump had boasted to confidants about the number of cameras in Singapore, claiming it dwarfed coverage of the Oscars, according to a person familiar with his thinking who wasn't authorized to discuss private conversations and spoke on condition of anonymity.

On Friday, during a joint press conference with British Prime Minister Theresa May, Trump vowed to press Putin about election interference - though he told reporters he does not expect a "Perry Mason" moment in which the Russian strongman would reverse his public denials and come clean. Long believing in the power of personal connections, he has insisted to aides that it was essential to sit down with Putin to establish a rapport. "I spoke with him about it".

As Donald Trump prepared to travel to Moscow five years ago for the Miss Universe pageant, he wondered whether he would run into Vladimir Putin. "You know what? Putin's fine". Their first meeting came last July while both attended an global summit and lasted more than two hours, well over the scheduled 30 minutes.

Trump told CBS News that he's going into the Helsinki summit with "low expectations".

The White House did not immediately respond to The Hill's request for comment. "I believe that having a meeting with Chairman Kim was a good thing", he said of North Korea's supreme leader whom he met last month in Singapore.

Still, the idea of nuclear talks seems to appeal to both Trump, who is looking for a win from the summit, and Putin, who wants Russian Federation to appear as an equal to the US and a nuclear superpower on the world stage.

Congress also passed sweeping new sanctions on Russian Federation last summer that Trump begrudgingly signed because Republicans and Democrats say the administration has not done enough to punish Russian Federation for its election interference and deter them from acting again in the 2018 midterms. "Would you get out of Ukraine?'".

But the White House has given no indication that cancelling the summit was even considered, and Trump said in his CBS interview that he was approaching the meeting with "low expectations" and pledged that "nothing bad" would emerge from the one-on-one discussion. Former President Barack Obama did so in 2013 after the Edward Snowden fracas. "But that's what one of the purposes of this meeting is, so the president can see eye to eye with President Putin and ask him about it".

Trump was later persuaded to do it overseas, tacking the summit onto his planned visit to Belgium and Britain.

"If the Russians wanted to exfiltrate data from the RNC and use it against Donald Trump, they would have done so", Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff said on CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday.

"Is there any way", Karl pressed Bolton on This Week, "that we could have 12 officials, some of them quite senior in Russian military intelligence, carry out an operation to undermine a USA presidential election and Putin himself would not know?"

"President Trump should cancel his meeting with Vladimir Putin until Russian Federation takes demonstrable and transparent steps to prove that they won't interfere in future elections", Schumer said in a Friday statement. John McCain of Arizona.

"We've got a fraught bilateral relationship".

"I think the DNC (Democratic National Committee) should be ashamed of themselves for allowing themselves to be hacked", he said.

The indictments formed part of an investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller that Trump has denounced as a "witch hunt" created to undermine the legitimacy of his surprise win over Hillary Clinton.

Speaking at the summer conference of the National Association of Secretaries of State in Philadelphia on Saturday, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said the USA intelligence community does "consistently observe malicious cyber activity from various actors against US election infrastructure", according to prepared remarks released by the department.

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