Microsoft Surface Go Budget Windows Tablet With 10-Inch Display Launched

Microsoft opens flagship Surface store in Taipei

Microsoft’s $399 Surface Go is announced at last

No, not the Surface Pro 3 meant to replace your laptop, but the smaller 10.8-inch model that was meant to go head-to-head with the iPad. It includes Microsoft's proprietary Surface Connect port, which is mostly used for charging but can also be used to plug it in to a docking station.

The Surface Go is the first Surface device to feature USB 3.1, the same universal connector seen on the Apple's MacBook and MacBook Pro. There's a choice of 4GB or 6GB of 1866MHz LPDDR3 memory and either 64GB of eMMC storage or a 128GB SSD. LTE variants of the Surface Go should come to the market at a later date. This is closest to the Surface 3 which came with an Intel Atom processor and a cheaper price tag compared to the Pro versions. Yeah, it should work well on a table or desk, but this is a portable machine - you don't always have a flat surface when on the go.

Of course, a smaller version of the Surface tablet requires a smaller version of the Microsoft Type Cover. It will provide 9.5 hours of battery life, 64 or 128 GB of storage, and utilize USB-C for connectivity, according to reports. There's no word on the Surface Go's availability in India.

"Where will Surface go next?" And while they have not listed a price either, I would expect it to add a $150 premium based on price differences with the Surface Pro line of LTE versions. Microsoft 365 will be an option, as will Windows Autopilot, Microsoft's device provisioning service, for the Surface Go devices. I distinctly remember Microsoft telling me that not having a Type C port was better for the consumer so I wonder what happened here.

To appreciate the fighting strength of the Surface Go, you'll have to consider the whole package and where it stands against the competition.

Microsoft today launched a $399 Surface Go to take on the 6th generation iPad and Chromebooks.

The Surface Go kickstand also utilizes a brand new hinge that allows it to extend 165 degrees so that you can go from tablet mode to studio mode when you want to write or draw on it. We've poured over every detail Microsoft has given us about its new affordable hybrid tablet and distilled it down into its core parts for you below.

There's one other way the Surface Go stands out versus the iPad. The standard Surface Go Type Cover keyboard will run you $99.99, and it will cost you an extra $99.99 for Surface Pen. Other countries will be able to preorder a bit later: Japan on July 11, Singapore and Korea on August 2, China on August 8, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain on September 12, and finally in India on October 2.

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