In farewell to U.S. shoppers, Toys R Us urges Play on!

Rene Johnpiere the woman who took the viral also posted several other images including the one above that reads'I guess everyone has grown up. There's no more Toys

Today Is the Day Every Last Toys R Us Store Closes

This isn't the first time the toy shop has seen a random act of kindness; in December previous year, two anonymous "secret Santas" went in and paid off $10,000 (£7,570) in layaway toys. The iconic jingle "I don't want to grow up, I'm a Toys "R" Us kid", was engrained in many people's minds.

Friday was the end of an era, as Toys "R" Us stores closed their doors for good. Promise us just this one thing: Don't ever grow up.

The company had $5 billion in debt after a leveraged buyout that left it unable to invest.

After declaring bankruptcy in September, the chain in March sought a bankruptcy court's approval to start closing its 735 us stores, with severance payments coming to a halt during the liquidation.

A mysterious man purchased $1 million worth of toys at a Toys R Us and donated them to children.

But several of Toys "R" Us' old competitors are already eyeing to fill the void.

Curious shoppers checked out the stores, looking for last-minute deals and mementos from the long-time toy retailer.

KB Toys, which filed for bankruptcy and closed all USA stores in 2009, is also said to be mulling a comeback. An auction for the company's name, baby shower registry and various trademarks is set for late July.

"It's sad. A lot of kids are really probably shopping online Amazon a place like that, but there's something special about going to a store like Toys "R" Us", said Dale Shough, a customer.

The closure will leave thousands of workers across the United States without a job. "It was the best job I had".

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