Hero Pooch Saves His Owner From A Nasty Rattlesnake Bite

‘This is what a hero looks like’: Pet dog saves owner from being bit by rattlesnake during hike

Heroic golden retriever is bit in the face by a rattlesnake while protecting his owner in Arizona

Todd was strolling along with Paula and her other dog, Cooper, in Anthem, Arizona when they came upon a hidden rattlesnake.

Godwin believes it's because of Todd's quick actions that she was not bitten.

The pup was bitten on his face by the snake instead.

Godwin says she and the young golden retriever were on a walk, when she almost stepped on the rattler.

"My hero of a puppy Todd saved me", Godwin wrote on Facebook.

She added that if it was her choice, "I would have much rather been bitten by the snake".

Godwin had already walked her dogs to the top of the trail and was headed back down when the snake bit Todd.

"It bit Todd quickly then started rattling", she said.

Godwin posted an update on her Facebook page for those anxious about his health and wrote, he seems to heal well.

The Anthem, Ariz. woman closed her original Facebook post asking her followers to "please say a little prayer for my sweet hero".

Paula said of the fundraiser: "Todd wants to help more puppies that may need help. Just a thank you to all the support Your kindness and support is truly a blessing", she wrote thanking everyone. "But my hero of a puppy Todd saved me".

The 6-month-old golden retriever named Todd was bitten on his face when he tried to save his owner.

Todd is expected to be OK though.

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