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Spider-Man PS4 story and Velocity Suit reveal trailers, PS4 Pro limited edition announced

Spider-Man PS4 looks great in new SDCC 2018 trailer, and you can play it on a Spidey-themed PS4 Pro

The bad news is that this limited edition bundle has only been announced for the USA and Canada, where it will retail for $399.99. The bundle also includes a DualShock 4 wireless controller, Marvel's Spider-Man game on Blu-ray disc, and digital content. Fans of the web-slinger can now pre-order the limited edition bundle, which will roll out in the US and Canada for $399.99 Dollars ($499.99 CAD).

Are you excited for to explore Peter Parker's NY in Spider-Man for PS4?

Plot details on the film are now under wraps, though director Ruben Fleischer revealed that the film will be based on the Lethal Protector and Planet of the Symbiotes comic book runs. It joins the Spider-Punk suit and Iron Spider suit (inspired by The Avengers: Infinity War) to round out the set.

Adi Granov also helped create the Spider-Man PS4 theme you see above. This is all part of the Spider Outfit pack that is a pre-order bonus for the game. It certainly makes for a great PS4 or desktop background. It also comes with a red wireless DualShock 4 controller, a physical copy of the game, and digital content. Most of the things that really piqued my interested in this trailer dealt with Norman Osborn and his now clearer intentions, as well as Miles Morales and the role I think he's going to end up playing in Marvel's Spider-Man.

In Europe, several other Spider-Man console bundles will also be available at launch, though they won't include the Amazing Red console or its matching controllers.

"HDR TV owners can experience the game in high-dynamic range colour (HDR)". The bundle will be available starting on September 7, the same day Marvel's Spider-Man arrives.

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