Andrew Lincoln opens up about leaving "The Walking Dead"

'Walking Dead' Season 9 Trailer Teases Andrew Lincoln's Final Episodes

AMC Unveils FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Comic Con Trailer And Casting

It features a big storm, flying walkers, and some newcomers who are going to 'bring very different energies to the show, ' said Goldberg.

The trailer, which debuted Friday during The Walking Dead's San Diego Comic-Con panel, shows Rick (played by Andrew Lincoln) explaining how far he and his band of survivors have come from when the undead started to attack humanity.

Lincoln, whose past credits include the 2003 Christmas rom-com Love Actually, said he didn't want to spoil how his character will leave the show but added that, "This is a really terrific story for Rick and Michonne".

"Well", Rick answers, "you tell me".

"I'm particularly fond of the people who watch this show".

Over eight seasons - the ninth season premieres in October - viewers have seen Lincoln's Rick Grimes lose countless friends and family members to the zombie apocalypse, including his wife (Sarah Wayne Callies) and son Carl (Chandler Riggs). "My kids are older now and they need me".

There's a lot of Daryl in the new trailer for "The Walking Dead". One of them likely will have to "get in line" with the other and Maggie is here to say that if it comes to that, she believes that she should be the one in front.

And even though it is heartbreaking that Andrew Lincoln will be leaving The Walking Dead it's important for fans to remember the years of sacrifice and hard work that Andrew Lincoln and all the cast members have put into creating this show and making it what is now. "Andy has set the tone since the pilot". He has so equipped us - I couldn't be thankful enough to learn from him. "It's been a true joy".

"I love this place and I love seeing the fans, and you've been such a vital part of this experience".

A new trailer has arrived for the second half of Fear The Walking Dead season four, teasing the aftermath of Madison's death.

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